40 Year Old Pop Star

40 Year Old Pop Star

Weld Theatre

Fri 21st 8.45 pm 


Vasse Village *

Sat 22nd at 8.45 pm




Duration: 60

Alli Butler woke up the other day and found out she was 40. That was unexpected. Last time she looked she was 20. How did becoming a nurse, getting married, having a kid and finding a

psychiatric facility for her husband eat up so many days? To get back on her

path to mega celebrity, Alli flees the city to go back to the small country town

where she was born to launch her pop career from there! Alli Butler, a stand-up

comedian and singer-songwriter gives a hilarious self-portrait of her trajectory

towards stardom among the sheep, cows and canola.


*4/15 Napoleon Promenade, Vasse Village

Fringe ticket holders will receive 10% discount on their meals and can choose from pizza at Magpie Cafe, Vietnamese pho and noodles from Vasse Bakery, British style fish and chips from The Village Chippy, tantalising Japanese from The Origin 153 and traditional authentic Chinese from Newtown Chinese. You’ll also be able to enjoy drinks before, during and after your show from The Origin 153!

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