Witness Protection - Performing Arts Alumni Society

Witness Protection - Performing Arts Alumni Society

Vasse Village*

Fri 21st 8.45 pm  

Weld Theatre 

Sat 22nd at 8.45 pm




Duration: 50min


Forced into Witness Protection, single mum Cheryl Kapri and her daughters, Nimp and Ratrinda have to come to terms with their new lives in the sleepy town of Smegma Bay. But with an over friendly Reverend, the ladies of the CWA and the ghost of Saint Mary Mackillop, the Kapri’s might just wish they had never ratted out Mr and Mrs Gumtree’s black market quokka trade. This outrageous comedy brought to you by the sold out writers of GROGWARTS (2018), BALL TAMPERING (2018), and GAME OF CONES (2019) will have you pissing yourself in the aisle out of laughter. 



*​4/15 Napoleon Promenade, Vasse Village

Fringe ticket holders will receive 10% discount on their meals and can choose from pizza at Magpie Cafe, Vietnamese pho and noodles from Vasse Bakery, British style fish and chips from The Village Chippy, tantalising Japanese from The Origin 153 and traditional authentic Chinese from Newtown Chinese.

You’ll also be able to enjoy drinks before, during and after your show from The Origin 153!

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