‘Life is a Cabaret, old chum…so come to the Cabaret.’

‘Life is a Cabaret, old chum…so come to the Cabaret.’

Weld Theatre

Friday 21st 7.00 pm




Duration: 60 min


Performers are a unique group of people. They spend a large portion of their lives being someone else, putting on a mask and transforming ourselves. Yet in everyday life we all wear different masks, to cope with situations or to hide our true emotions. For decades, Musical theatre has been using song to explore real life circumstances and the effect that hiding from our emotions can have on us. Scottish singer Emma Louise Nisbet will perform songs from Musicals to take you through a journey of expressing our emotions and reconnecting with our true self. Join Emma Louise and her powerful, emotive vocals as she sings her heart out at Busselton Fringe Festival.

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